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I can't believe another year has sped past. In November, we devoured a twenty-five pound turkey and all the trimmings with my best pal and former collaborator Carol and a crew of close friends. For Christmas, Jim, Matt and I had a divine prime rib roast, spending a quiet family holiday together. Although the day was quiet, the twelve days following were not, as we had a big Saturday night card party and a huge New Year's Day dinner. Everyone enjoyed the feast as usual.

What has certainly not been usual is the horrible weather sweeping across the lower Midwest. This January has brought temperatures that are waaay colder than normal. We even had two dustings of snow before December! My only consolation was to decorate our big Scotch pine tree and curl up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and a good book. But now the tree is recycling down in the woods behind our house and we return to our usual routine with sensible eating (ugh!) and exercise (double ugh!) and writing books (hurrah!).

Speaking of books, I'm nearly finished with my third romantic suspense, HEARTSTOPPER, set in Miami. Ah, for the warm sunshine...but I digress. This story opens with a man jumping to his death from a high bridge in front of the heroine, Dr. Cordelia Waterston, M.D. Corrie recognizes the dead man as a former patient of hers. She wonders why a successful young investment broker would kill himself.

Detective Frank Cannon is sent to investigate what seems a routine suicide. From a family of uniform cops, Cannon is the only one who has gone to college and made detective. He thinks the plain-jane doc is a snooty society dame. But she impresses him as a calm and credible witness. Corrie thinks he is an arrogant tough guy who knows how to use his heartstopping handsomeness to get what he wants from women. Their mutual antagonism gradually turns to attraction as they work to solve the murder.

I'm really enjoying writing about secret government conspiracies, kidnapped homeless people, and a ruthless civilian contractor working for a covert government agency that wants an interrogation drug to use against terrorists. So far, the only bad side effect the contractor's scientists have found is that the drug cocktail stops the subjects' hearts before they can talk. Combining this dangerous suspense with Corrie and Cannon's unique romance is pure fun. I hope you will think so, too.

Meanwhile, my very best wishes for a wonderful 2015. Please check out an excerpt from DANGEROUS GAME and Jim's latest Newsletter. Also, try to keep warm...unless you're lucky enough to live someplace like Miami.


Happy reading,



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