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I know I promised readers that I'd have my new historical romance, THE CHEROKEE, on sale in January...and here I am explaining why it is available in February. The holidays, wonderful as they are, really take a lot of time, especially for those of us who have big families and love to cook. But all of November and December I worked diligently to finish the book, which I did before year's end. But I never realized how much trouble I'd have finding the right models for Ross and Caro...

Do you have any idea how long it took to find a man with a left-handed gunbelt in western clothes? Who looked like he could be part Cherokee? Caro was also playing hard to get. I wanted her sitting while she looks up at Ross, who is standing. Not easy. Oh, I also needed mountains in the background. Getting all the elements combined in a cover that conveyed a sense of time and place took me to every clip art site on the Internet! Then I almost drove my superb cover maestro, Kim Killion, crazy putting everything together into one of her masterpieces. She must've done a dozen versions of the cover. Please let me know how you like it. The response on Face Book has been very positive. Next came getting the copyright...

The US Copyright office, which never was easy to deal with (what government agency ever is?), pulled a neat new trick. They've subcontracted with a private firm that has a very easy to use site (also easy to land on by mistake when you Google "US Copyright"). The catch, ah, you knew there had to be a catch, didn't you? This wonderful new site is quadruple the price of using the creaky old federal system. Sooo, I returned to the US govvy site, which now requires a new password. My first three tries were rejected before I got approval for the fourth. Then I had to repeat my address on three pages. Same blasted thing on each page. Go figure. After several more leaps through hoops, I reached the payment phase. Easy-peasy. I bet you all can figure that one out. I uploaded the manuscript and all was done...according to what it said on the last page...

But wait, I received an email not three minutes later saying they had the registration and payment. Would I upload the manuscript! Furiously I went through all the other copyrights in my files. Yep, each had a second email within an hour confirming the manuscript had been uploaded. This time it took two days until they said they had it. Sigh.

THE CHEROKEE is now on sale at Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBookstore. Meanwhile, if you have not already read the excerpt from THE CHEROKEE, please click to the Upcoming page and see how Ross and Caro meet. I promise it'll bring a smile and a chuckle to brighten the day. Hopefully, you'll also want to purchase a copy for your e-reader.

Today, as I write this new home page, spring's almost here. In the Lou, it's "official" as of Thursday. That's when Cardinal pitchers and catchers report for spring training. The sun is out and the dusting of snow we had yesterday is almost melted. Yay! Play ball! If you're looking for a hearty hot breakfast treat, please check out the new recipe on my Recipe page. Good any season of the year.

Please keep a book handy for those times when life frazzles you and you need to escape! Oh, and let me know how you like THE CHEROKEE by emailing me from my Contact page. Happy reading,


Happy reading,



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